[text_output]LisaRaye McCoy; actress, entrepreneur and humanitarian has always lived by high standards and is a true believer that you create your own reality. For many years she has demonstrated this through her works. What many don’t know is that in the process she has created what has become part of her growth in life a Vision Board. Write it down and make it plain.

As an icon in the world of entertainment and an inspiration to many women, she has decided to take her gifts and share them with others in an intimate setting that will not only motivate and inspire, but empower women to tap into the next level of their life, reach beyond the norm and do something for themselves.

Life Rocks Vision Board Workshops will travel from city to city with a platform that includes: a seminar with LisaRaye and other special guest speakers, lunch, a Q&A session, a Vision Board (supplies included), Celebration of a new life ceremony, a personal follow up call a month after the event from LisaRaye and an opportunity to network with each other during a meet & greet reception sponsored by the host Hotel.

This initiative has become LisaRaye’s life mission and she wants to share it with the world.

Not only will guest enjoy the food, fun, networking, life experiences of one another but they will also learn more about themselves and how to attract certain things  they desire to manifest in their lives. The vision board party is not just a one time event but a movement in the lives of those that are ready for change.

Most people these days are familiar with the “law of attraction” or the notion that “thoughts become things”. Our minds and imaginations are extraordinarily powerful, and quantum physicists are now finding that reality is actually very subjective, and can mold itself to what you think, feel, believe and “see” for yourself.

LisaRaye’s platform for her seminar will show people who want to create something new and positive in their life, get that powerful imagination of theirs into action and make a vision board.

A vision board that will be a visual representation of the goals and dreams you have for the future, and putting it somewhere you will see it often that will enable your subconscious mind to start bringing those dreams into reality.[/text_output]

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