[text_output]2_1With a new TV show under her belt, LisaRaye is ready to win the Hollywood game – her way!

She’s looking for action and not just in her movie roles. LisaRaye is on the hunt for a new man and she’s ain’t messing with no broke, broke. But she’s got the other love in her life, blooming model and daughter Kai, who LisaRaye is discovering may need a stronger parental hand than she thought.

When she’s not being a mom-ager for Kai’s career, she’s working on her next project, her cousin, Quincy. Vowing to change his look and style, LisaRaye really just wants to find him a job that doesn’t involve working for her! She’s also making changes within her inner circle of friends and no one is safe, not even LisaRaye’s fabulous stylist Joe eXclusive. With their relationship already on thin ice, LisaRaye is making no bones about the fact that she is actively looking to replace him!

But with so much going right for LisaRaye, will she be able to handle it all and still remain true to herself? Watch and find out.[/text_output]